Kava Calm was born with very humble beginnings in a backyard shed with your wellbeing in mind. After many years of experiencing insomnia, stress, anxiety and years of research, the founder decided to embark on this journey. With much success in many countries, we bring you the highest quality A grade kava.

Kava is a root crop grown in frost free climates. Our products are derived from four year old mature kava roots. It is the strongest form of kava available. Kava plants thrive in loose, well drained soils where plenty of air reaches the roots and rainfall is plentiful. It is cultivated entirely by propagation from stem. Kava plants are a concentration of compounds called kavalactones. We grow our own and bring you premium A grade quality kava from the beautiful Fiji Islands. Kava Calm contributes a percentage of it’s sales towards improving the lives of under privileged families and children in Fiji.

Consuming kava moderately helps maintain a healthy nervous system and  supports the body’s normal response at times of increased mental and physical stress. Treat yourself with nature’s green offering and calm your inner self with A grade kava the natural way. The name Kava Calm says it all.

Enjoy Kava Calm in its pure original form (with tap or warm water only). How long the kava drink lasts will vary depending on the quality and strength of the kava. Generally, the uplifting effects can be felt for approximately 1-3 hours whilst the stress relieving and relaxing effects can last longer, eventually making you feel good. Kava boosts sleep. For maximum relaxation, kava is consumed moderately on an empty stomach. This will build an appetite for a hearty meal for lunch or dinner. Kava must not be consumed by children, during pregnancy, while breast feeding or when on prescribed medications.

Chill, the organic, ethical and sustainable way. Kava is a pleasant social beverage. Give up alcohol, give in A grade kava! Cheers.