Learn how to prepare the root of happiness, the easy way.

What you will need

  • Premium quality, finely ground A grade Kava Calm powder.
  • A muslin cloth strainer bag
  • Tap or warm water
  • A medium sized bowl


Traditional method

Step 1.

Add approximately 15g of pure Kava Calm powder. Put the kava inside the muslin bag.

Step 2.

Measure 15-225ml tap water per serving. Water amount will vary depending on how strong you want the kava mix to be. Pour the water directly into the bag. Let the kava steep in the bag for approximately 3 minutes.

Step 3.

Tightly twist the top of your kava strainer bag so the actual powder does not escape the bag. Start kneading or squeeze the kava powder in the bag and water in the bowl for approximately 5 minutes. The water in the bowl will turn into a smooth, slightly creamy, milky brown colour.

Step 4.

Pour the mixture in a glass or coconut shell. Depending on your taste bud, drink it in it’s pure natural form or add a few ice cubes. Stir and enjoy. This will give you 2-4 servings.

Wash your cloth strainer so it’s ready for use the next time.

Blender method

Step 1.

Add 15g of Kava Calm fine root powder to 225ml of tap or warm water. 

Step 2.

Blend on high speed for approximately 3 minutes. Empty and strain.

Step 3.

Pour in a glass, chill and enjoy!

Act responsibly. Our kava has minimal residue! Scatter the used kava powder your in the garden.