Kava Calm is farmed from one of Fiji’s most reliable kava growing regions. Our kava is rooted in nature. All our kava undergo strict processes to ensure unsurpassed quality, for e.g we do not use any powdered mixtures in our A grade kava. Our merchandise is made out of pure and 100% certified organic cotton. This means we use less water and minimal heat for production to get you breathable and luxurious clothing. The bonding effect of the plant dyes we use is higher thus environmentally friendly. Each detail is highly intentional – from the tension of the thread to the diameter of the yarn. Our kava plants grow in healthier soil, propagated and free from GMO stems. We follow strict production guidelines and bring a traceable supply chain from farm to you.


We offer extraordinary personalised customer service. Our customers come first. Every customer is different, special and deserves royal treatment as we believe the superior quality of our A grade kava must always exceed customer expectations. We listen and respond to customer demands. Our processes ensure customers have the ease of ordering. All orders are attended to  efficiently, dispatched in a timely manner to ensure uninterrupted, on time delivery. We only bring you fresh A grade  kava, imported monthly straight from our farms . This ensures we respect all our ethical, sustainable practices and reward our farmers on time.


We bring Kava Calm at affordable prices. We guarantee our prices won’t change overnight and will always be in line or lower than market rates and with our competitors. By selling directly online, we eliminate the cost of the middleman and retail space. This saves you money ensuring you are purchasing the highest quality, pure A grade kava at unbeatable prices.


All Kava Calm powder is packaged in reusable and recyclable pouches. Pouches which have tough zippers to keep moist away. Our merchandise is packed in biodegradable bags.



Quality in everything we do is paramount. It’s more than just our hardworking farmers who walk miles to get our kava from our farms, we take in consideration - it means economic opportunity for our farmers and process workers who dedicate their lives to cultivate kava. Our A grade kava is brought to you with a lot of respect for the human and environmental resources that really make it happen. Our A grade kava, kava accessories, kava merchandise are of superior quality and we will dedicate our resources to keep it that way all the time. Our customer reviews are a testament of this. Organic and natural kava farming practices assist in lowering harmful emissions – a clear impact on social, environmental, economic and social benefits, that’s why we are in it.


We guarantee and are committed to a transparent and traceable supply chain straight from our farms direct to you. There is nothing to hide. Our company is unique. We are thoughtful about every step we take to produce our A grade kava and we take care of our farmers and factory workers along the way. We are reliable, responsive and authenticity intact.


Our Fiji waka kava has won international awards.


Our bond and partnership with our farmers advocates better working conditions and improved terms of trade. We believe in creating a real positive difference in people’s lives, from our farmers and workers growing our A grade kava and producing it from the start of the supply chain to the end product. Kava Calm supports marginalised farmers and workers enabling them to build a better and secure life for themselves – a high priority and opportunity to connect with the people who grow the produce we all depend on.


Kava Calm is processed in a reputable facility. We only dry out the "root of happiness" in natural sun. Our facility adheres to hygienic practices and sustainable methods ensuring superior work standards in every step.



Our founder, Sunil Maharaj is an advocate of all things “free from” natural and green. It’s our responsibility to respect mother earth and give back what she provides us. One of our visions is to work with, serve and educate the community of the advantages consuming pure A grade kava than kava blends. An ongoing passion to develop long term, meaningful relationships with every customer, giving back to society and the community at large. Kava Calm is a small, yet a “hands on” enterprise. We want to contribute one aspect to make your A grade kava consumption a memorable and enjoyable one. We invite consumers to give us constructive feedback and honest opinions to improve as we grow. Review us on our website.

“We are not on this earth to see through each other, but to see each other through”. Founder - Kava Calm.