Pure, organic and natural waka kava ( Piper Methysticum )

Chill, enjoy and sleep better with A grade Kava. Kava Calm brings you one of nature’s superhero’s which is ethically produced from healthy kava plants. It is an all natural humble root, finely powdered for you to enjoy.

It’s pure and organic nature is a relaxing alternative to alcohol. We invite you, your family and friends to taste, embrace the joys of the natural crop cultivated with love, with our environment in mind. 

At Kava Calm, we are dedicated and passionate about bringing you the highest quality A grade kava to experience the natural high and what’s more, it is purely derived from mother earth with love. Kava is also known as yaqona or grog in the Pacific Islands.

Join our kava community, be stress free and keep anxiety at bay!

Money, ego and materialistic things can be the root of all evil. Kava is the root of all joy and happiness. Founder Kava Calm.